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Le Concept : des skateboards éco-responsables

Nok boards skateboards éco-responsables

What is Nok ?!

Des produits écologique de qualité fabriqués dans des snowboard hors d'usage.

We make eco-responsible skateboards, but also furniture and decorative objects.

NoK is short for "Not Ok", a term used in the industry to label products that do not pass quality control.

We make "NoK" products our raw material, the source of our creativity. 


Eco-friendly skateboards

By tapping into this overlooked stock of raw material, we preserve natural ressources and promote a circular economy. 

Each skateboard we produce saves 20 kg of CO2, the equivalent of 100 kg of potatoes !

High-end products

The fact that it's recycled does not make it subpar! We meticulously analyse each snowboard that we recyle and use very special machines to cut thedeck with precision.

We select the best wheels, bearings and truck to make sure that you get high quality, good looking, and sustainable board that you can enjoy for a long, long time..

Upcycling involves creativity

The snowboards in the very different shapes and colors that we collect encourage creativity. They're the ones telling us what to do with it.

We select and collect the unused snowboard at the companies' warehouse. We analyse the shape, the flex, and graphics to define the correct skateboard model.

Each board's design depends on the snowboard it's made from, with its very own graphics and history.

Gone are the days where everyone had the same board.  NoK will make you cruise in style !

Unique design

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