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Protection de l’environnement & recyclage snowboard

Commited Brand

Sustainable projects

Protecting the environment is a story of support and commitment. NoK Boards and its customers share strong ecological values. A philosophy where small gestures make big changes. That is why  NoK Boards to integrate into its economic model to pay 10% of sales for sustainable development projects

Associations play an extremely important role in protecting the environment. We are convinced that they are an essential link in moving us towards a more responsible future.

This is why we are proud to support  Moutain Riders & Protect Our Winters two associations which work every day to protect environnement

Partenaires Nokboards: Protect Our Winters association protection de la montagne et de l'environnement

Protect Our winter

Mountain Rider

Our commitment, the protection of the environment

Nok board is committed on a daily basis to support these associations, which share the values ​​of NoK Boards and its customers 10% of each skateboard vendu sur le site help set up projects to raise awareness and protect the mountains and the environment.
demarche Nok Boards, 1 skate acheté, 10% reversés a des associations

Local and responsible production

verlooking the Alps, a pencil in hand, and a board under our feet, we shape new life out of snowboards from our workshop in Grenoble, France.We work with local companies that support  people with disabilities to assemble and package the boards.

All the cardboard and paper we use are 100% recycled We only use "ecolabel" marine varnish to protect the boards' edges against physical damages and humidity.

We source our wheels and trucks in Asia and will continue to do so until we find local providers that meet our requirements. Si vous avez des pistes n’hésitez pas à nous contacter !

Our target: Zero waste

We use the middle of the board to make our skateboards.

We reuse our scraps to design other everyday products: phone holders to watch videos, clocks, key rings, beer coasters for aperitifs, mirrors inlaid in the frame of the snowboard after cutting and many other crazy and original products.

We use style and creativity to upcycled 100% of the material from  the original snowboard

About Future

Our guideline is to reduce the ecological footprint of the boardsports industry.

We are actively seeking to extend our approach to the industry to find solutions and never see products end their lives in the trash again.

More NoK products will hit the market soon! Stay tuned !

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